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FAQ: Why can some PDF documents be opened in OWA directly but others cannot?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 10 months ago
Solution #00007533


ArchiveOne Enterprise, all versions



I have noticed that, when in Outlook Web Access (OWA), when I select some PDF documents from retrieved archived emails there is a message saying that I should save the attachment first. However this behaviour is not consistent. Why is this?


The behaviour you are seeing is not caused by Archive One Policy. In fact it is the result of a security setting inside of OWA. Typically the in-line reader for Adobe PDF documents will allow you to read documents that are flagged as PDF documents, but PDF documents do not need to have originated from Adobe products. Some can be generated by other software or even hardware (e.g. Fax machines). These PDF documents may actually be flagged as "application/octect-stream" document types. When documents of this type appear in the Level2 MIME types list the attachment must be saved prior to opening. Therefore, if you see this behaviour you should modify your OWA security (via the registry) to apply the desired security level to these attachment types.

Note: It is outside of the remit of C2C Technical Support to advise you on your OWA security settings. If in doubt always speak to a qualified IT Security Professional.