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Barracuda Reference / FAQ

Required Outbound Connections for Barracuda Appliances

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The DNS server IP addresses listed below are subject to change without notice. Barracuda Networks recommends using DNS whitelisting to ensure your products continue to function as expected with no change required on your side.

Barracuda Networks utilizes the public cloud for core functions of service such as support tunnel access and definitions and firmware updates. To use these Barracuda services effectively, customers must allow access from Barracuda appliances to Barracuda’s public cloud service. Such access is outbound only from the Barracuda appliance onsite to the public cloud. Resources from the public cloud cannot access the customer environment. Barracuda has implemented measures to ensure data transmission is secured.

The following services require outbound connections from all Barracuda appliances. Your specific Barracuda appliance might require additional connections.

Update Infrastructure (Definitions, Firmware, Patches):

  • updates.cudasvc.com:80, 8000, 443
  • cnt12.upd.cudasvc.com:80
  • cnt13.upd.cudasvc.com:80
  • cnt14.upd.cudasvc.com:80
  • cnt15.upd.cudasvc.com:80

Support Tunnel Traffic:

  • term.cuda-support.com:22

Backfeed Traffic:

  • backfeed.barracuda.com:443

Customers interested in limiting their outbound connections from their appliances can use their company firewall to create DNS whitelisting.  Here is an example of how the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall does this using DNS Resolvable Network Objects.

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