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Barracuda CloudGen Access

Admin API

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You can manage your admins via the Admin API. 

Command Help

All commands provide a help text with the available sub-commands and flags. For example, running fyde-cli admins will let you know about the getlistaddedit and delete sub-commands, and fyde-cli admins edit --help will list all available flags for the edit admins command, including pagination, sorting, and filtering flags.


The list command lists all the account administrators:

fyde-cli admins list

admins list.png


The help flag tells you the things you can change:

fyde-cli admins edit --help

admins edit help.png


The edit command allows you to edit the information:

fyde-cli admins edit 755 —name ‘FirstName LastName’

admin edit name.png


The create command lets you create new admins:

fyde-cli admins create --name 'Oliver Brown' --email '' --password 'ThisIsATest123' --roles admin

admins create.png

You can also edit the admin roles. It is possible to assign multiple roles to the admin. Check below for the current admin roles.

  • owner – It has access to all the APIs, including the Administrator API.
  • owner_ro  It has access to all the APIs, including the Administrator API, but only for listing and searching. Modification, creation, or deletion is not permitted.
  • admin – It has access to all APIs except the Administrator API. It cannot list, add, modify, or delete admins.
  • admin_ro – It has the same logic as with the owner_ro. It is a read-only admin. Modifications are not permitted.
  • enrollment  It has access to listing and searching users, and to manipulate everything related to device enrollments (create a new enrollment link, delete it, add more allowed devices to an existing enrollment link, and send enrollment emails).
  • evaluate_resource – It is useful for service accounts. It only allows access to the evaluate_resource API (used for troubleshooting).
  • read_events – It only has access to the records objects (the Activity menu on the web console). It is useful for service accounts configured to export records through our CLI to later import them into a SIEM solution.


fyde-cli admins edit 756 --roles admin_ro,enrollment

admins edit roles.png

Specify the new authentication type for the admin:

fyde-cli admins edit --authn-type sso

admins edit authn.png


The delete command lets you delete admins:

fyde-cli admins delete 756

admins delete.png


The watch command lets you watch all the events created:

fyde-cli records watch
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