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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Secure Connector Deployment via Configuration File

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When deploying a new Secure Connector, create the configuration on the Control Center and then import the configuration via USB OTG or web interface. On the next boot, the Secure Connector automatically connects to its assigned Access Controller and Control Center.

Before You Begin

Step 1. Export the SCA.CONF Configuration File

  1. Go to your cluster > Cluster Settings > Secure Connector Editor.
  2. In the SC List, right-click the Secure Connector and select Export SC
  3. Enter sca as the File name and click Save.

The file must be called sca.conf.

Step 2. Copy the Configuration File to the Secure Connector

You can copy the configuration file to the Secure Connector either via USB cable, where the Secure Connector acts as a USB mass storage device, or via web interface.

Because the sca.conf file contains sensitive information, such as certificates and network settings, do not use unsafe distribution methods, such as unencrypted emails or cloud storage, to distribute the configuration.

Import the File via USB Mass Storage (OTG)

Connect the Secure Connector with a USB cable to your client PC and copy the Secure Connector configuration file to the device. The configuration is automatically applied when the Secure Connector is rebooted.

  1. Use a micro to standard USB cable to connect the OTG port with a USB port on your client PC.
  2. Wait for your client PC to recognize the Secure Connector as a mass storage device.
  3. Verify the file name of the Secure Connector configuration file is sca.conf.
  4. Copy sca.conf to the USB storage of the Secure Connector.
  5. Unplug the USB cable and reboot.

The configuration is automatically applied on first boot. The Secure Connector configuration file is not removed from the device, but only applied once.

Import the File via Secure Connector Web Interface

The Secure Connector listens on on the LAN port. You must configure your client PC to connect to the Secure Connector and then use the web interface to upload the configuration file.

  1. Change your client PC IP address to: 
    • IP address –
    • Netmask –
    • Gateway –
  2. Connect your client PC to the LAN port of the Secure Connector.
  3. Open a browser and go to
  4. Log into the Secure Connector:
    • Username – Enter admin
    • Password – Enter admin.
  5. Click Sign In.
  6. The web interface Dashboard page opens.
  7. Click Retrieve Lock.
  8. In the Backup section, click Choose File and select the sca.conf file created in Step 2.
  9. Click Apply backup
  10. On the top of the page, click Activate Configs.
  11. Click Release Lock.

Your Secure Connector now automatically connects to its assigned Access Controller. The WAN LED turns green and the VPN LED red when a connection has been established. The device is now visible on the VPN > Site-to-Site page and VPN > Status page of the Access Controller and on the Status Map page of the Control Center.

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