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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian

Step 2: Adding a Cloud Service Account - AWS

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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian must be able to communicate with your Cloud Service account. Perform the following steps to enable communication.

You must complete Step 1: Creating a Cloud Security Guardian Account - AWS before proceeding with this step.

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian is automatically licensed for 30 days, as part of the free trial. After you purchase Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian, you must specify the license. Refer to Licenses for details.

  1. Continuing from Step 1: Creating a Cloud Security Guardian Account - AWS, click Get Started with AWS.
    If you are not already at this screen, follow these steps to get there:
    1. In Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian, navigate to Settings > Cloud Service Providers.
    2. Click Add Account to open the Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian onboarding wizard.
  2. Click Launch Stack to open your AWS console in a new browser tab and launch a new stack. If you choose, you can download the Cloud Formation Template to help you launch the stack.
  3. In AWS, create the stack. For the Template, select Specify an Amazon S3 template URL. This field should already include the Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian template. Click Next.
  4. Name the stack and CrossAccountRoleName and click Next.
  5. On the Options page, accept the default entries and click Next.
  6. On the Review page, acknowledge that you are creating an IAM role. Then click Create.
    The system will work for a moment to create the stack.
  7. When the creation is complete, click the stack.
  8. Under Outputs, locate the RoleARN. Copy the value of the key RoleARN.
  9. Back in the Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian onboarding wizard, paste the name of the RoleARN you just created.
  10. In AWS, locate the ExternalID. Copy the value and paste it into the ExternalID field in the Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian.
  11. Click Add. The system verifies the connection.
  12. When the account connection is verified, click Close to close the wizard.

Deploying the stack takes about 10 minutes.

The setup wizard continues to enabling Security & Compliance. To perform this setup, continue to Step 3: Enabling Security and Compliance

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