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Barracuda ECHOplatform

About Assigning Essentials Services to a Subpartner

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A primary partner can assign and activate essentials services to any subpartner account underneath them.

The primary partner can also increase or decrease the service level of a subpartner while retaining the existing serial number.

A subpartner can activate only the essentials services that have been explicitly assigned to it by the master partner.

Unique IDs

Partners can purchase, assign, and manage the same service with different prices using Unique IDs. Each purchase of a service beyond the initial one requires the appending of a Unique ID to the service name to identify and distinguish the service in the ECHOplatform.

This Unique ID is not created or editable by the partner, but instead must be specified by the partner at the time of purchase and is displayed accordingly in the ECHOplatform.

The example below illustrates Unique IDs.

image2021-11-17 15:45:12.png

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