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Rate Control Outbound

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Outbound mail is rate controlled based on the IP address by the Barracuda Email Security Gateway as described in Rate Control Inbound.  Rate Control for outbound email, however, can also be applied based on sender email address. If the number of recipients from a sender email address exceeds the specified Maximum Recipients per Sender over a 30 minute time period, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway will defer (rate control) any further connection attempts from that particular sender until the next time frame. Deferred outbound messages will be logged as "Rate Controlled" in the Message Log.

A Rate Control IP address exemption does not fully exempt IP addresses from outbound rate control. Outbound emails can still be rate controlled based on the sender's email address. To fully exempt an IP address for outbound sending, you must also exempt specific email addresses that send outbound email.

To send large amounts of mail from a specific email address:

  1. Go to the BLOCK/ACCEPT > Rate Control page.
  2. Enter the IP address to exempt in the Rate Control Exemption IP/Range section of the page.
  3. Next, enter the sending email address in the Email Addresses text box in the Rate Control Exemption Sender Email Address (Outbound Only) section of the page.
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