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How can I make the links in the Quarantine Summary emails on the Email Security Gateway use a hostname rather than an IP address?

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution #00001484

This solution applies to all Email Security Gateway models 300 and above, all firmware versions.

Go to the Basic > Quarantine page.

Find the Per-User Quarantine Configuration heading and place the hostname you would like to use in the Quarantine Host field. After saving the changes, any Quarantine Summary emails generated by the Barracuda will contain links built with the Quarantine Host specified.

A customer will also need to setup a DNS record on their internal DNS server to resolve the assigned name. If the customer also wants to have people resolve that name from externally, they will need to have the appropriate DNS setup on the external DNS server as well.

Additional Notes:
You can also specify an IP address as the Quarantine Host. This is useful if your users need to access an IP address that is different from the Email Security Gateway's IP address to be redirected by your network to the Email Security Gateway.

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