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How do I enable Role-based administration accounts on my Email Security Gateway?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 11 months ago

Solution #00004386



This solution applies to Email Security Gateway models 300 and higher, firmware 4.0 and higher.


Email Security Gateway firmware version 4.0 introduces Role-based administration on models 300 and higher. In addition to the default Administrator account and the User account role, two new account roles with associated levels of permissions are available:

These features are only available on firmware 4.0 and above and the roles can be added to the specific models as indicated below:

  • The Helpdesk account can be added on Model 300 and above.

    The Helpdesk account includes basic user permissions, a limited ability to view and edit user account settings on a domain level, and to view status, message log, and reports.

  • The Domain Admin account can be added on Model 600 and above.

    The Domain Admin role has the same abilities as above roles, a limited per-domain configuration of Basic tab settings, Single Sign-on, LDAP and Recipient settings, the ability to specify the destination mail server, and testing the SMTP connection.


To grant these roles to specific users, follow the steps below:


  1. Navigate to Domains > Domain Manager > Manage Domain > Users > Valid Recipients > Explicit Users to Accept For.
  2. Add a user with the full email address format and click Save Changes.
  3. Click on Manage System to return back to the main administration of the web interface. Then navigate to Basic > Quarantine and set Per-User Quarantine to Yes. Click Save Changes.
  4. Return back to the domain where you previously added the user. Go to Users > User Add/Update. Add a user with in full email address format.
  5. Go to Users > Account View. Click Edit Role next to the newly added user and select the role you would like to grant to the user. Click Save Changes.


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