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Barracuda Managed Workplace

VMware ESXi Service Module

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A service module is an enhanced policy module that includes dashboards, monitors, reports and scripts. Service modules enable Barracuda Networks Barracuda Managed Workplace to integrate with different software vendors. The service module covered in this guide is for VMware®.
This section provides detailed information about the following topics:

You can find more information about VMware at the following

About the VMware ESXi Service Module

The VMware ESXi service module is a free add-on that you can install in Service Center to monitor and manage your VMware environments. Service modules are available for installation from the Update Center.

The VMware service module displays detailed information about the VMware configurations across your customer sites, and includes monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities, all accessible from within Service Center. Highlights of the service module include:

  • zero configuration required on the host server to begin monitoring;
  • direct SSH connection to the host from the service module;
  • performance object charting in 1hr, 4hr, 24hr, and 7 day views;
  • ability to check the operational state of VMware tools, including an indication for out-of-date versions and the ability to install an updated version in a single click;
  • guest snapshot management, including the ability to create and revert snapshots, view an inventory of snapshots and view a user audit trail, and alert when a snapshot exceeds a predetermined size;
  • audit trail of commands issued on hosts and virtual machines, including the command status;
  • hardware-level monitoring, including the ability to alert on any hardware subsystem where a failure is detected;
  • datastore usage is displayed in a 7 day reporting map of datastore consumption, including a breakdown of that consumption.
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