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Barracuda Managed Workplace

What’s New in Barracuda Managed Workplace 10 SP2

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Maintenance Schedules

During maintenance activities, certain sites or devices may become unavailable, resulting in alerts. The new Maintenance Schedule feature lets you suppress alerts on your sites, groups, and devices for the duration of a maintenance activity. For example, if you’re performing maintenance that takes a group of devices offline, it would be useful to suppress Device Availability alerts.

While you use Maintenance Schedules, monitoring continues, keeping your system safe. Suppressing alerts frees up the time and effort of having to clear alerts that aren’t useful, and prevents unnecessary alerts from pulling a technician’s focus from issues that have real-world consequences.

With Maintenance Schedules, you have the option to exclude maintenance downtime from other downtime when generating a report. If you take a site down for maintenance purposes, because the downtime is expected, it won’t be reported as downtime on reports and won’t affect your statistics.

Use Maintenance Schedules on an ad hoc, one-time basis, or repeat them when you perform maintenance every day, week, or month. You can also add Maintenance to Execution Schedules.

See Creating a Maintenance Schedule.

VAR Admin Maintenance Mode

From VAR Admin, you can now put sites into Maintenance mode, which suppresses Site Not Communicating alerts while you perform maintenance on the site. For details, see the VAR Administration Guide.

Reporting on Windows Events

You can now create a report of Windows Events, making it easier to troubleshoot application and driver software. Using the Windows Event Details report, you can create up to ten filters that will either include or exclude certain Windows Events, giving you the data you need quickly, letting you easily find and resolve issues.

Windows Event Detail reports also include a pie chart that will display the events that you highlight. For example, if you filter on log on events, you can customize the chart to see if a large proportion of log on events are failing—identifying a potential attack in seconds. See About Creating a Report.

Reporting on Networks

Barracuda Managed Workplace can now assess your network and deliver the results as an easy-to-read report that gives you a complete picture of your network landscape. This report helps you better estimate workloads, track devices, and identify vulnerabilities such as unprotected assets. The Aggregate Site Device List report delivers accurate counts of:

  • Devices
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Printers
  • Network Devices
  • Devices with Antivirus installed

See About Creating a Report.

Email Alert Enhancements

Alert emails now have clear, scannable subject lines that let technicians prioritize issues at a single glance. Critical issues, and which systems they impact, can be identified by their subject line even when buried among dozens of other emails. This reduces the time spent searching for issues and gives technicians more time to solve them.

Alert emails help technicians solve issues right from their inboxes. Most alert emails now include an actionable description of the alert, links to knowledge base articles for more information, and buttons that let technicians initiate actions right from the body of the email itself.

More Accurate Alerting

Barracuda Managed Workplace has made alerts even more useful and accurate. This upgrade introduces a new alert type, Invalid Credential. The new type of alert identifies when sites, groups, and devices experience a loss of monitoring due to invalid credentials. Receiving this type of alert will help technicians diagnose and solve monitoring issues faster and more accurately.

Mac Support for Premium Remote Control On-Demand

Premium Remote Control On-Demand sessions can now be initiated from Apple computers, giving more users access to this powerful tool. See Launching a Stand Alone Executable Premium Remote Control On-Demand Session - Mac OS.

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