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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Using the Central Dashboard

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The Central Dashboard provides status information about the alerts in your customer's environment. Alerts are displayed in two tables: one for service groups, and one for sites.

The service groups and sites with the highest number of alerts appear at the top of the list. Barracuda Managed Workplace prioritizes alert delivery. Alerts may appear on the Central Dashboard up to a minute before supplementary information displays on the Device Information window.

To view the Central Dashboard

In Service Center, click Dashboards > CentralDashboard.

Viewing Status about a Site

 A status icon appears beside the site name.


Site is communicating successfully with Service Center.


Site has one or more Device Managers installed.


Site is experiencing issues communicating with Service Center.

To display information about the last successful check-in time for the site

Hover the mouse pointer over the status icon.

 Sorting Columns

You can sort on many columns in Barracuda Managed Workplace. When you hover over a column header and the hand cursor appears, you can sort on that column.
By default, on the Central Dashboard, the alerts are sorted by Total Alerts.

To sort information in ascending or descending order

Click a column header.

 Hiding and Showing the Left Sidebar

The left sidebar contains the main navigation commands you need to work with Barracuda Managed Workplace. If you need more space on the screen, you can hide it.

To hide or show the left sidebar

In the upper left corner, hover the cursor until the Toggle Sidebar tooltip appears, and click.

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