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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Replicating Site Groups

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You can replicate a site group, which allows you to apply all of the group settings, including policies, and, automatic application rules to another site. Replicating site groups allows you to reproduce group settings from site to site, saving you time and facilitating the use of a common monitoring and management strategy among multiple sites.

You can replicate one or multiple site groups at a time.

You can also create shared site group definitions, which are created on the Configure Shared Site Groups tab, and then pushed out to create site groups at every site using that definition. This functionality has been designed to work with service plans; you can apply service plans to shared site groups to standardize the way you monitor devices across multiple sites. For more information on shared site groups and creating shared site group definitions, see Creating Shared Site Groups.

  1. In Service Center, click Configuration > Groups.
  2. Click the Site Groups button.
  3. Select the check box beside the site groups that you want to replicate.

    You cannot replicate shared site groups, which are listed on the Site Groups tab and are indicated with this icon worddavd0e7003681108ec91d12b3a5446934f7.png.

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