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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Using Maintenance with Execution Schedules

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You can use maintenance periods to suppress alerts associated with execution schedules. Maintenance created this way repeats automatically when the execution schedule does. For more information, see Suppressing Alerts During an Execution Schedule.

Creating Ad Hoc Maintenance Schedules

Ad hoc maintenance schedules create a window of time to suppress alerts for individual sites or devices. Use an ad hoc maintenance schedule when you want to suppress alerts on a single site or device immediately, for a certain period of time or until you terminate the maintenance schedule manually. For more information, see Setting Up Ad Hoc Maintenance Schedules.

Maintenance schedules replace alert schedules. Alert schedules are deprecated in a future release of Barracuda Managed Workplace.

Adding Devices while a Maintenance Schedule is Running

If you onboard a new device or reinclude a previously excluded device while a maintenance period is running, the device is not under maintenance during the current period. If the maintenance period recurs, they are included the next time it runs.

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