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Barracuda Managed Workplace

Quick Start

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This Quick Start guide provides the basic steps for adding a site to Managed Workplace and setting up your monitoring environments.

Barracuda Managed Workplace Terminology


A Managed Workplace site is a logical container in Service Center that contains devices for a physical location or customer.

Device   A unique responding hardware device Onsite Manager identifies on a network.
Groups   Groups are organizational containers against which monitoring policies are applied. There are three types: service groups, site groups, and shared site groups.
Onsite Manager

Onsite Manager is the component of Managed Workplace installed on remote networks to collect:

  • monitoring data
  • run scripts
  • route remote control sessions
  • deploy software updates
Device Manager The functional equivalent of Onsite Manager but monitors and manages a single device only. There is a database, but it is bundled with the lightweight application.
Service Plan A service plan is the group of services that you have agreed to provide to your customer. It allows you to centrally plan and standardize your service offerings, and determines the level of involvement that you have with your customer’s technology.


What's Next
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