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Benchmark Results

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Benchmark Results enable you to look at click rates and login activity based on industry, email template used, and category. These benchmarking statistics can help you decide, for example, which type of template to use for your industry, based on their past click rate or login activity success with other organizations in your industry.

If you are specifically running a Barracuda PhishLine benchmark campaign (described in Understanding Benchmark Campaigns), refer to the note in Step 2 for important settings.




Industry categorization is achieved by using organizations' standard NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes.

To work with Benchmark Results:

  1. Navigate to Results > Benchmark Results.
  2. In the left panel, select appropriate filters, for example an NAICS Industry Sector or NAICS Code. If you select an individual email template that you have used in a current or previous campaign from the filter panel, you can easily see how you rank against others in your industry.

    If you are running a Benchmark Campaign, specify the following filters in the left panel:

    • Benchmark Campaign – Select True.
    • Email Template Name – Select the name of the benchmark campaign you are running. For example, 201904.
    • My Campaign – Select True to display results from your organization only. By default, results from all organizations are displayed.
  3. Select Click Rate by Industry to view the click rate of all campaigns by NAICS industry sector, like Information, or Health Care and Social Assistance.

  4. Select Click Rate by Category to view the click rate of all campaigns in all sectors, by category or email template category, like General, Technology, or Corporate.

  5. Select Click Rate by Email to view the click rate in all sectors, in all categories, by specific campaign, like Holiday Card or Online Bank Security Notice.

  6. Select the Detail tab for an overview of the results.


Exporting Data

Anything in the Results tables can be exported as a PDF or CSV file. For details, refer to How to Export Data.


Custom reports are not available for these results.



For more information about the metrics in these results, refer to Benchmark Results Metrics.

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