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Approving a Voice Campaign and Going Live

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This article is a continuation of the process started in Creating and Generating a Voice Campaign. Complete the steps in that article before continuing here.

Approve the Campaign
  1. Scroll through the page and review the contents. The following information can be edited or changed.
    • General Settings: Plan
    • General Settings: Campaign Intent
    • Schedule: Cutoff Date
    • Content: Email Templates
    • Landing Page Template
    • Advanced Settings: Hide Campaign Results
    • Advanced Settings: Browse to select image

    Steps 2 and 3 are optional if approval is not required.
  2. In the approval section, select the appropriate status: Pending, Approved, or Rejected.
  3. Add comments about your action, then click Save. The page refreshes.
    • If the campaign is approved, continue with the Go Live section below.
    • If the campaign is not approved, additional changes must be made by you or the campaign creator.
      Note that if approval is not required, it is possible to go live with a Pending or Rejected campaign.

    Steps 4-6 are needed only if an error was found or to fix an issue that caused the campaign to be rejected.
  4. Under General Settings, in the Stage area, click Design 1.design.png.
  5. Make changes to the campaign, following any comments made during the Approval process, according to the processes described in Creating and Generating a Voice Campaign.
  6. Repeat this revision and review cycle as needed.
Go Live

When the campaign is ready, it is time for it to Go Live!

Under General Settings, in the Stage area, click Go Live! 4.golive.png Click Yes when prompted. The campaign processes, then goes live.

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