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Using Your Own Email Account for Training Invitations

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You might choose to send emails from a valid email account on a corporate email server because you want to:

  • Send training invitations from a valid internal account so your users can confidently click on the training without thinking it is a phishing attack.

  • Send out information security announcements and use Barracuda PhishLine to track which users interacted with your message.
  • Simulate a phishing attack from a "compromised" internal account.

To set up your own mail server:

  1. Contact Barracuda Technical Support or your Barracuda PhishLine consultant. You will provide them with information during the steps below.
  2. Provide your Barracuda PhishLine support technician or consultant with the following information:
    For sending emails: 
    • SMTP Host – The DNS name or IP address of your SMTP server.
    • SMTP Port – The TCP/IP port for your SMTP server. Defaults to 587.

    • SMTP User – The user account.

    • SMTP Password – The password for the user account.

    Optional – For reading replies, bounces, etc.:
    • IMAP Host – The DNS name or IP address of your IMAP server. 

    • IMAP SSL – Whether SSL/TLS is required to connect.

    • IMAP Port – The TCP/IP port for your IMAP server. Defaults to 993.

    • IMAP User – The user account.

    • IMAP Password – The password for the user account.

  3. If you do not expose your SMTP/IMAP to the Internet, adjust your firewall rules to allow SMTP/IMAP access from the Barracuda PhishLine data centers only.


  4. The Barracuda PhishLine support technician or consultant will configure and test the settings, preferably working with your email administrator. They will also validate your domain, so you can start using it within the Barracuda PhishLine portal.

Be sure to proactively consider the rules for password expiration. If a process is not in place to handle password changes, campaign activity will be halted because Barracuda PhishLine will not be able to use SMTP/IMAP if the password expires on your server.

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