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Barracuda Phone System

How to Restore a Backup from a Different Barracuda Phone System

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You can restore a backup from a different Barracuda Phone System. To restore a Barracuda Phone System backup to a different Barracuda Phone System, complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that the backup file from the source Barracuda Phone System is available on the backup server. For example, with a backup server path of /home/barracuda and system serial number of '111111', the backup file would look similar to:
  2. On the target Barracuda Phone System, go to the Configuration > Backup page, and configure the backup settings with the same credentials and path as the source Barracuda Phone System.
  3. Click Apply Settings, and then click Test Settings. You should receive a notification that the test succeeded.
  4. After you test the target Barracuda Phone System settings, a new directory appears in the path corresponding to the serial number. If the new serial number is '222222' then the new directory would be:
  5. Manually copy the backup file to this new directory on the backup server.
  6. In the target Barracuda Phone System web interface, click List Backups to display the backup file. Click Restore to perform the restoration.


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