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Barracuda Phone System

How do I configure my Barracuda Phone System to identify phones at different physical sites separately?

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Solution #00005733

Barracuda Phone Systems, Firmware 2.0.x. and later.


In this scenario there are multiple sites with a single Barracuda Phone System. When configuring the Barracuda Phone System to manage calls for multiple physical locations, there are a few special configuration options which will require consideration:

Route Localization ? We may want calls originating from, or routing to, remote offices to use different DIDs for routing in order to ensure a local call for routes

Different hours of operation ? We may want different hours of operation for each location.

Emergency Services/ E911 ? This is a critical consideration. This concerns ensuring that emergency services are routed to the correct site when called.

Note ? While the Barracuda Phone System does include options for supporting multiple site installations, it is not designed to operate as a multi-tenant system, and does not include any method or option for isolating account information including Account Details, Directory Lists, and CDR data.

Please review Solution #00005725 - What is the Sites Feature, and How do I configure it on my Barracuda Phone System(s)? for general information on sites, and pre-planning requirements for installation.

Setting up IP ranges for Sites:

Defining a remote site requires defining a way to identify it as remote. The recommended way of doing this is to define the IP address or range of the remote site. This can be accomplished in a few steps:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Sites.

  2. Select Subnet or IP Address from the selection list/drop-down.

  3. Enter a name which you will recognize in the Site Name field.

  4. Click the button Labeled Define Site (in 2.6) or Add (in 3.0).

  5. Enter the IP address or subnet to be defined in CIDR format. Make sure you DO NOT click in the area labelled ?These sites are not automatically authorized.?

If using site restrictions for dialing (emergency dialing), please remember that the local network will need a site, as well.

Once the site exists, we will need to set up site restrictions to allow or deny calls to pass through the gateway. Please reference Solution #00004848 for steps to create any new routes necessary.

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