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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Select Files for Backup

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Yosemite Server Backup provides filters that allow you to select exactly the files that you want to back up. When the job is run, selections are updated with changes made to them since the last backup. Files, folders, and other containers (e.g., volumes and computers) are displayed in a tree view on the Selection page. Use the Properties page of a job to select the objects that you want included in a backup.

All containers behave similarly when selected, so any discussion about folders applies equally to any other container unless otherwise noted. When you select a folder or other container, you automatically select everything within it, including all files within nested sub-folders. If the check box for a folder is clear, no files or sub-folders within that folder are included in the backup job. If the check box for a folder is shaded, some, but not all, files or sub-folders within it have been selected.

By default, Yosemite Server Backup backs up all volumes, folders and files that have been selected for a job. Selection filters allow you to exclude one or more selected objects based upon criteria that you configure. Filter criteria are applied when the job runs. Objects that do not meet the criteria are excluded from the backup job. Selection filters are optional. If no selection filter is specified, all of the files and folders that have been selected are backed up according to the job configuration settings.

To include a file or folder in a backup job, select the check box next to the name of the object. To remove a file or folder from a backup job, clear the check box.

You can select the contents of a folder in one of two ways:

  • Select each file individually in a container to add them to the backup job.
  • Select the container itself to add all files and sub-folders to the backup job.

The method that you choose determines how Yosemite Server Backup handles files that are subsequently added to the folder. If you deselect a container but select individual objects within it, then new objects added to that container are not automatically added to the backup job. If you select the container itself, Yosemite Server Backup automatically selects new files that are added to the folder for backup.

In general, when selecting files for backup, especially for jobs designed for disaster protection, begin by selecting containers at the top of the hierarchy. Then deselect containers or files lower in the hierarchy that you do not need to back up. For example, selecting the network icon at the top of the hierarchy automatically selects all of the machines on the network and all of the volumes on those machines. If there are containers that you do not want backed up, clear their check boxes. When new machines or volumes are added to the network (that is, to the current backup domain), they are automatically included in the backup.

Yosemite Server Backup can be configured to back up mapped drives, but by default they are excluded. Once configured, these drives appear on the Selection page of a job.


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