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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Media Settings

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Here is a short video about formatting backup storage media in the appropriate media directory for your backup schedule.

Media to Use

Select the folder where a job can look for existing media to reuse. Note that the default folder is the current Job folder. To use media from another folder, click Add to open a catalog browser and navigate to the desired folder.

Auto Format Mode

Before data can be written to media, the media must be formatted. When media is formatted, any data on it is lost and all record of the media is removed from the catalog.

No auto format Instructs Yosemite Server Backup to send an alert to the alert window if it encounters media that needs to be formatted (either blank or unrecognized media). While waiting for a user reply, Yosemite Server Backup scans the network for devices with the media it was expecting.
Auto format blank media onlyInstructs Yosemite Server Backup to automatically format all new or blank media. However, if Yosemite Server Backup encounters unrecognized media, it sends an alert to the alert window and then scans the network for the media it was expecting. This setting can help prevent data from being accidentally destroyed by formatting, while not needlessly querying the user before formatting a blank media.
Auto format all media 
Instructs Yosemite Server Backup to automatically format all of the media inserted into the tape drive which require formatting. With this setting selected, Yosemite Server Backup will automatically format all new or blank media and all unrecognized media.

New Media Location

Specifies the folder in which Yosemite Server Backup will store any new media created while the job is run. By default, Yosemite Server Backup stores media under the backup job to ensure the media isn't used by another backup job. To change the default, click the  Browse button and select the folder from the Browse dialog box.

When Yosemite Server Backup runs any scheduled automatic rotation job, it automatically creates media folders for the job. The folders are organized by the name of the job and the various rotation sets in that job.

Move Media to New Media Location on Overwrite

Setting this check box moves media from the Media to be used folder to the New media location folder when it is used.

If this option is turned off, it is possible for a job to exhaust its set of available media and stop running.

Rename Media to New Media

Selecting this check box renames any existing media that is overwritten to the name that would have been used had the media been freshly formatted. When this check box is cleared, already formatted media retains the name that it was given when it was previously used by this job .

New Media Name

Enter the name that Yosemite Server Backup gives to any new media it creates while running a job. For scheduled automatic rotation jobs, Yosemite Server Backup automatically updates this setting to match the media’s place in the rotation schedule and this setting has no effect.

For manual rotation and unscheduled jobs, Yosemite Server Backup assigns the name in this field to any new media that it creates. It also assigns this name for automatic rotation jobs that are "forced" to run. If the job creates more than one media, the job uses this setting as a template to create a unique media name from this setting.

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