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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Device Properties

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When you select a specific device in the Devices view and click Properties, you can view the device status, configure settings, and review diagnostic information.


The Status page displays the current status information for the selected device. For example, it shows the current operation, if any, being performed on the device. It also shows the last time a write and read was done on the device.

Yosemite Server Backup tracks the contents of devices and libraries while it is running. However, there may be times when someone changes media in a device or a library when Yosemite Server Backup is not running. The "Probably" qualification on element status indicates that Yosemite Server Backup has restarted and is operating under its previous understanding of the current element status but that the understanding may be incorrect. When "Probably" appears before an element status, the element's actual status is determined the next time the element is used.

Status Description
Valid The slot is known to hold media that is in the current catalog.
Probably Valid The slot held valid media previously. Yosemite Server Backup verifies that the media is valid before using it. When you exit and restart Yosemite Server Backup, media marked Valid is reset to Probably Valid.
Invalid The slot holds media that is definitely not in the current catalog.
Probably Invalid The slot holds media that may not be in the current catalog. When you exit and restart Yosemite Server Backup, media marked Invalid is reset to Probably Invalid.
Empty The slot is either known to be empty or a user changed its status to Empty.
Probably Empty The slot was empty previously. When you exit and restart Yosemite Server Backup, slots marked Empty are reset to Probably Empty.
Unknown The status of the slot is not known, usually because it has not been used yet.
Cleaning Tape A user marked the slot as holding a cleaning cartridge. The number of remaining cleaning cycles also appears. Yosemite Server Backup does not verify that a cleaning cartridge was, in fact, inserted into this slot.
Probably Cleaning Tape The slot previously contained a cleaning tape. When you exit and restart Yosemite Server Backup, slots marked Cleaning Tape are reset to Probably Cleaning Tape.
Reserved The slot was disabled by a user. Yosemite Server Backup will ignore it during any job. You can only change the status of a reserved slot. Yosemite Server Backup changes the status of all other slots during normal operations.


You can set the size of the I/O buffer to be used for this device. Usually, you do not need to change the default. However, for some devices, you may be able to increase performance by adjusting the size of the I/O buffer.


The Diagnostics page displays device diagnostic information including information about the driver, the inquiry information, device statistics, and buffer statistics. Often this information can assist in troubleshooting problems. The diagnostics can be saved to a file or emailed directly from the diagnostic screen.

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