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Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

How do I recover a corrupt Yosemite Server Backup catalog/database that can not be repaired?

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  • Date changed: one year ago

Solution #00004020



Yosemite Server Backup, version 8.1 and above.



It is sometimes necessary to reset the Yosemite Server Backup catalog due to severe corruption. Generally, the Yosemite Server Backup's catalog self check and repair feature keeps the catalog free of issues or the need for self management. This solution describes the steps to reset or version a corrupt Yosemite Server Backup catalog.

  1. Close the Yosemite Server Backup Administrator.

  2. Stop the Yosemite Backup Service on the local Windows. For details on starting / stopping the Yosemite Server Backup Service refer to Solution #00004025.

  3. Navigate to the Yosemite Server Backup directory and rename the database folder to database.old. For details on the Yosemite Server Backup default installation path refer to Solution #00004045.

  4. Start the Yosemite Server Backup Service on the local Windows machine.

You should now be able to open Yosemite Server Backup and connect to the catalog. Note that when a new database folder is created, existing backup jobs are no longer available and therefore new jobs must be created.


For details on restoring data from an older version of the Yosemite Server Backup catalog, refer to Solution #00004022.


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