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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall - Troubleshooting

  • Certificate Number: CGF09
  • Role: Engineer
  • Validity: 24 months


The exam for this certificate covers all topics for the Barracuda Barracuda CloudGen Firewall - Troubleshooting Training


  • CGF09030    General VPN Troubleshooting
  • CGF09040    Troubleshooting Site-to-Site VPNs
  • CGF09050    Troubleshooting Client-to-Site VPNs
  • CGF09060    Azure Troubleshooting


To view all required self-paced learning modules, please go to Barracuda Barracuda CloudGen Firewall > Training > Troubleshooting


Barracuda Campus offers the below courses to prepare for the required examination.

  • CGF09 Barracuda CloudGen Firewall - Troubleshooting

    • Engineer
    • Available as: 
  • CGF09030 General VPN Troubleshooting

    • Engineer
    • Available as: 
  • CGF09040 Troubleshooting Site-to-Site VPNs

    • Engineer
    • Available as: 
  • CGF09050 Troubleshooting Client-to-Site VPNs

    • Engineer
    • Available as: 
  • CGF09060 Azure Troubleshooting

    • Engineer
    • Available as: 


For this certification, you have to complete the following courses and exams.

  • CGF09-01 Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Troulbleshooting

    • Engineer
    • Exam

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