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Barracuda Managed Security Awareness Training
formerly Managed Phishline

About Managed Security Awareness Training

Real-World Phishing Simulation and Email Security Awareness Training

Spear phishing and other potentially devastating attacks are designed to slip through email security gateways. These ever-evolving, sophisticated attack techniques put businesses of all sizes at risk for data loss and financial fraud. Strengthen your customers’ defense against these threats by building a ‘human firewall’ via education and enablement. The best part is, we will do the work for you.

Complete your email security service offering

Easily expand your email security offering to include a vital additional layer -- end-user security awareness training -- without increasing the workload of your team. Barracuda MSP’s team of experts will create monthly content based on current phishing trends to train and run awareness campaigns on your behalf.

Real-world multi-variable testing

Security Awareness Training real-world multivariable testing creates mock-phishing campaigns that teach your customers’ users to recognize threats. The interactive campaigns use a mix of links, Smart Attachments, videos, graphics, and training materials to create impactful educational experiences.

Hands-free partner service

Our team of experts will handle the heavy-lifting, such as creating the training content and delivering the security awareness campaign on your behalf. MSPs simply need to provide information on the users who are enrolling into the training campaign and adding our email domains that we provide to the allow list.

Identify and address security gaps

Through our comprehensive reports, you can identify high risk individuals and work with your customer to address how to address risky behavior and close any security gaps they create.

Key features

Global support — Our security awareness training content and security awareness campaigns are offered in English (UK), French, German, and Dutch. More languages can be made available upon request.

Monthly content — Each month’s content varies to ensure end-users are receiving net new training month over month, via educational exercises to test their knowledge from the training.

Relevant curriculum — The monthly content is based on current events and phishing techniques to ensure end-users are trained to recognize the latest phishing attacks.

Brandable reporting — Our team offers brandable* reports that include comprehensive information on the performance of the training program, including details such as who clicked on the simulated phishing link, who downloaded the images, and more.
(* - requires a PDF editor)