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About Barracuda PhishLine

Your users sit on the front lines of ever-increasing email-based threats like phishing, ransomware, and malware. As hackers become more sophisticated and prevalent, users need to be aware of the threats and trained to easily recognize malicious emails.

Barracuda PhishLine turns your users from part of the attack surface to part of the solution. PhishLine provides leading-edge user awareness training to counter sophisticated phishing and socially engineered spear phishing attacks. PhishLine helps your users sharpen their anti-phishing skills with advanced phishing simulations along with end-user testing, reporting, and comprehensive metrics that let you take prompt and meaningful action against threats.

Email security is not just the responsibility of IT – it’s the responsibility of every employee in your organization. As with other Barracuda products, PhishLine is engineered for elegant simplicity, and easy to deploy.