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  • Barracuda Campus

    Barracuda hardens the latest Web Application Firewall firmware 

    Newly published  Barracuda Web Application Firewall Firmware (GA) has fixed two design limitations and associated vulnerablities, discovered in the previous firmware version. 

    Please read the campus article for details. 



  • Barracuda Campus
  • Barracuda Campus

    We are happy to announce the release of firmware 9.0.1 containing numerous improvements.

    For further information please consult the release notes as well as the migration notes on BarracudaCampus.

  • Barracuda Campus

    We are happy to announce the availability of SecureEdge Platform 9.0.1, an exciting new release of our SASE Platform. This is the first major update for SecureEdge Platform since the release in May this year.

    This release includes many improvements and new features. Some of the highlights are:

    • Custom Categories for web filtering
    • Additional web filter actions: Alert and Warn
    • Web search monitoring for predefined categories and custom keywords
    • Silent ad blocking
    • Safe Search
    • Customizable Block pages*

    Additionally, we did implement a ton of feedback and multiple feature requests that have been asked for by our customers:

    • Better reporting: Dashboards: The new release now includes customizable dashboards that allow our customers to create unlimited dashboards to meet their needs using any combination of the 27 predefined dashboard widgets across all the services and site devices.
    • Better reporting : Great custom reports with Firewall Report Creator The Firewall Report Creator app allows to create powerful custom reports concatenating data across multiple sites and services on demand or on a scheduled basis.
    • Better monitoring: Added integration to Barracuda XDR
    • Better monitoring: Added syslog streaming to external syslog collectors
    • Easier deployment: Bridge mode: With 9.0.1 and later SecureEdge Site devices can run web filtering on bridge mode configuration, making POCs a lot easier.
    • Easier deployment: Switch mode: The addition of bridging now also allows to specify a set of ports to function as a switch, making deployment for small offices easier.
    • Other: Health checks for WAN interfaces
    • Other: ICMP (ping) blocking: Customers can now decide if they want SecureEdge devices also to block ICMP messages
    • IPsec IKEv2: We added connectivity via IPsec IKEv2 to allow external gateways to be connected to the SecureEdge SASE platform.
    • Support for Teridion global WAN backbone: With the addition of IPsec IKEv2 we now also support Teridion as an ultra-high speed global WAN backbone.
    • PPPoE support *

    (* available shortly with the next service update)

    See the release notes here:

    See the migration notes here:


  • Barracuda Campus

    Exempt specific sender email addresses/domains and IP addresses from a country that you currently have as blocked or quarantined. For more information, see Regional Policies.

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