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Barracuda Email Gateway Defense
formerly Email Security

About Email Gateway Defense

Email Gateway Defense protects both inbound and outbound email against the latest spam, viruses, worms, phishing, denial of service attacks and zero-day threats. Email Gateway Defense is a pass-through service, acting as a filter in front of your hosted email service or servers.

The following features are available in Email Gateway Defense:

  • Receives inbound email on behalf of your organization, insulating your mail server from receiving direct Internet connections and associated threats.
  • Uses content filtering to identify and block unwanted email messages before accepting the message body for further processing.
  • Utilizes inbound and outbound rate controls to protect your email infrastructure from automated spam software, and then performs further analysis on the IP addresses of emails.
  • Provides Sender Authentication, such as Sender Policy Framework (SPF), for inbound mail to validate senders; applies policies and predictive sender profiling to identify sender behavior and reject connections and/or messages from spammers.
  • Utilizes three layers of virus scanning: open-source virus definitions from open-source community, proprietary virus definitions from Barracuda Central, and Barracuda Real-Time System (BRTS) which provides fingerprint analysis, virus protection, and intent analysis.
  • Applies the patent-pending Barracuda Antivirus Supercomputing Grid, protecting your network from polymorphic viruses.
  • Offers subscription-based Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to analyze inbound email attachments in a separate secured cloud environment to detect new threats.
  • Sends quarantine and content blocking notifications to users.
  • Provides several types of encryptions for inbound and outbound message traffic.

Email Gateway Defense has released a temporary passcode authentication method to allow users access to their shared mailbox and distribution list accounts. See Temporary Passcode Authentication  or  Temporary Passcode Authentication (Video)