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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian

Release Notes

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What's New in version 2021.2 Release (May 26, 2021)

  • Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian now detects if you have web applications and web application firewalls. If no web application firewall is detected, Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian recommends that you deploy one to protect your web applications.
  • Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian now detects whether you are running Office 365 and, if you are, recommends that you protect it with Barracuda Networks' Total Email Protection email security solution, if you have not done so already. 
  • The new Reason field provides information about why the resource passed or failed. Note that a Reason is not always provided. For more information, refer to Security Findings and Security Risks.

What's New in version 2021.1 Release (January 25, 2021)


Cloud Connections – New streamlined procedures for adding AWS or Azure Cloud Connections. For details, refer to: 

What's New in version 2020.8 Release (December 8, 2020)


For information on these enhancements, refer to Security FindingsSecurity Risks, and Resources

  • The Security Findings and Security Risks pages now include imported alerts from Azure Security Center and AWS Security Hub. You can link directly to the alert  in the Azure Portal or AWS Console to see full details on an alert. If you choose, you can suppress these alerts – or any other alerts – on the Findings page. 
  • You can now link between pages while maintaining context. This will make it easier to view your Risks and Findings in a way that works best for you. 
  • When viewing a risk on the Security Risks page, you can now see all findings (passed and failed) for that control on the Security Findings page.
  • When viewing details on either the Security Findings or Security Risks page, you now can click the resource name to jump directly to that resource on the Resources page. You can also see all findings associated with the same control across all of your cloud connections. 
  • When viewing resource details on the Resources page, you can now jump directly to all risks or all findings for that resource. 
  • Findings for resources that no longer exist in your public cloud are now hidden 24 hours after the resources have been removed.
  • Remediation steps for some findings have been updated – specifically for Azure, where the Azure portal interface has changed since they were initially published.

What's New in version 2020.7  (November 16, 2020) 


The Security Risks and Security Findings pages have two new filters. Resource Type allows you to see only resources of a specific type, and Resource allows you to narrow down your view to a specific resource.

  • When you set filters on the Security Risks, Security Findings, or Resources pages, The URL in your browser's address bar changes. 
    • You can bookmark a page with a filter applied so you will see the same filters when you open that bookmark. 
    • You can copy the URL in your address bar and send it to someone else with access to your account. When they click the link, they will see the same filters you applied.
  • If you set a filter on the Security Risks page, and then click through to the Security Findings page, your filter will be retained; and vice versa.
  • If you set a filter on the Security Risks, Security Findings, or Resources pages, click through to a different page, and then return to that page, your filter will be preserved. To clear the filter and reset the view, click Clear Filters.

For information on these pages, refer to Security FindingsSecurity Risks, and Resources

What's New in version 2020.6   (October 12, 2020) 


Introduced a new announcement system to notify you of new features and changes to Cloud Security Guardian as they are released. The Announcements widget is located in the upper right corner of the Cloud Security Guardian. If there is an unread update, the icon shows a red dot. Click the Announcements widget to see the latest updates. 

At the bottom of the pop-up list of the latest updates, click View more updates to see all updates. 

While you are on the main updates page, click Subscribe to Updates in the upper right corner to be notified whenever new changes are published. You can also subscribe here.

What's New in version 2020.5   (September 18, 2020) 


Added a free-text search box to the Security Risks and Security Findings pages to make it easier to find specific risks or findings.  The search box searches the title and description of the risks/findings and show only those that match.

For information on these pages, refer to Security Findings and Security Risks,

What's New in version 2020.4   (September 3, 2020) 

  • You can now “unsuppress” a suppressed finding. For more information, refer to Security Findings
  • If there is a connection error when you click a resource, rather than displaying stale data, an error message appears to alert you to the connection error. 
  • Updated cache control settings to improve the experience for new releases.

What's New in version 2.0 (September 1, 2020) 

If you used a previous version of Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian, refer to Migrating to Version 2.0

  • New strictly cloud-based scanning capability.
  • New Security Findings format and improved filtering and management capabilities. For details, refer to Security Findings.
  • New Security Risks page to bring attention to the most severe security issues. For details, refer to Security Risks.
  • Support for version 1.1.0 of the CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark.


  • Any Barracuda Firewalls and WAFs that you might have deployed are still active, but for now, you cannot manage them from within Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian.