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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian


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You can create a variety of reports with Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian. For each of the reports, you can choose a preset time frame (like Today, Last 7 Days, or Last Month) or create your own specific start and end dates and times.

Summary Report

The Summary Report provides basic information for all of your Azure or AWS accounts, including:

  • list of your assets
  • map of regions with your assets
  • number of your cloud accounts
  • compliance scores for each of the security policies, including a trend from the previous period:
    • across all of your accounts, shown on the first page of the report
    • for each account separately, shown on additional pages of the report

When you generate a Summary Report, it downloads automatically as a PDF.

For additional information on a single one of your accounts, run a Detailed Scan Report, described below.

Detailed Scan Report

Run a Detailed Scan Report for details about a single security policy (the Scan Type) for a single one of your accounts.

When you run the report, a time-based list of events appears for that account. Click to view a report for each event. You can view a scan from before a fix then a scan from after the fix to compare them.

Cloud Storage Shield Scan Log

Run this report to view activity of the Cloud Storage Shield service for one of your accounts.

Select the time frame, along with a specific account. Optionally specify the file type determinations you want to include in the scan: All Files, only files containing Viruses, only Suspicious files, or only Clean files.

The table displays basic information about the files encountered in your S3 buckets, including the file determination, name of the file, and the result - whether it was a virus or, if it was Clean, its heuristics score. Click Details to learn more about each of the files.

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