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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian

Integrating with AWS Security Hub

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AWS Security Hub provides a comprehensive view of all of your alerts, from native AWS tools to third-party tools like Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian. As part of Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian, Cloud Storage Shield scans your S3 buckets using Advanced Threat Protection. If Cloud Storage Shield finds any malicious objects, Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian will block access to the file and notify the administrator. A notification alert is also pushed to the AWS Security Hub.


To integrate alerts from Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian into AWS Security Hub:

  1. Log into your AWS Management Console.
  2. Navigate to Security Hub.
  3. Click Integrations and search for Cloud Security Guardian.

    Always enable AWS Security Hub for region US-East-1 in this step, regardless of where your assets are physically located.

  4. Click Enable to allow findings from your Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian account to be pushed to and shared with your AWS account.
    You are redirected to your Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian account.


  • Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian exposes TTPs as Initial Access and Discovery, depending on the stage of the malware.
  • Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian always displays a severity of 0-Information, because there is no action required; the access to malware has already been blocked.


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