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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian

Updating the Cloud Formation Template in AWS

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Note that the steps on this page are not required for all accounts.

Follow these steps to update permissions for existing AWS cloud accounts that you already added to Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian. If this is your first time using Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian with AWS, no update is required.  Proceed straight to Configuring and Deploying a Firewall using AWS.

To update your cloud formation template in AWS:

  1. Log into Cloud Security Guardian.
  2. In the left menu, select Settings > Cloud Service Providers.
  3. Click Add Account. Then select AWS
  4. In the Getting Started window, click Download Cloud Formation Template
    By default, the new template is saved in the Downloads directory and is named aws_cross_account_role_staging.template.
  5. Click Cancel
  6. Log into AWS. Under CloudFormation > Stacks, locate your current cross_account_role template. In the top right of the screen, click Update.
  7. In the Update Stack window, make the following selections, then click Next.
    • Prerequisite - Prepare template – Replace current template
    • Specify template – Upload a template file
    • Choose file – Locate the cross_account_role template you downloaded in Step 4 above.
  8. Click Next again on the next screen.
  9. Click Next again on the next screen.
  10. The Overview page displays. Select the checkbox, showing that you agree to the terms. Then click Update Stack.
    Check that the Status displays UPDATE_COMPLETE