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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian

Cloud Connections

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Cloud connections are your accounts and subscriptions with public cloud providers. 

The Cloud Connections page provides a way of adding connections, a list of the connections you added in Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian, and a way of deleting connections.

Adding a Cloud Connection

To add a new connection, refer to the following articles:

Deleting a Cloud Connection

Deleting a connection will stop all monitoring and alerting related to the connection. If you delete a connection and you change your mind, you must go set up the connection again. 

Any Barracuda firewalls or Web Application Firewalls that you deployed and configured through Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian will not be deleted; they will continue to function. However, you must control them through their own interfaces.

 To delete a Cloud Connection:

  1. On the Cloud Connections page, locate the connection you want to delete. 
  2. In the same row as that connection, click Delete
  3. Read the information that appears, then if appropriate, click Delete to confirm you want to delete the connection. 
    After a few minutes of processing, the connection no longer appears on the Cloud Connections page.
  4. Remove stacks and sensors in various regions that you might have created while using Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian. 
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