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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian


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The Resources page enables you to see all of the resources for your various cloud connections.

Detecting New Resources

The system scans your infrastructure every hour and will automatically detect new resources during these routine scans. If you have recently added a new cloud connection or new resources, click Detect Resources at the top of the page. Clicking Detect Resources submits a request for an immediate scan, so you can more quickly see your resources. 

Click Refresh to update the Resource view. 

Filtering Your Results

Use the filters at the top of the page to choose certain values you want to include in the table on this page. 

  • Use the Search field to find a Resource name. 
  • Select specific settings in other search fields. Select All to select everything in that menu. Select None to clear all of the selections in that menu. 
  • After you make your selection for each field, either tab to the next field or click elsewhere on the screen to apply your section to the table. 

  • Bookmarking your filters – When you have set the filters you want to use, create a bookmark in your browser. When you open that bookmark, your filters are automatically applied. 
  • Sharing with a colleague – To share your filter settings with an colleague who has access to your account, copy the URL in the address bar of your browser and share it. When your colleague opens the link you sent, they will see that page with the same filters you selected.

Customizing the Table

You can customize this table to show the information you want to see. 

Click Columns and select the boxes for the columns you want to include in the table. Clear a box to remove that column from the table. 

Viewing Resource Details

In the Resources table, click a resource name to see its details. 

Details include:

  • Connection – The cloud connection associated with this resource.
  • Resource – The name of the resource.
  • Region – Geographical location of the resource.
  • Type – The type of resource, like EC2 Instance, Virtual Network, or Security Group. 
  • See all findings for this resource – Links to the Security Findings page, exclusively displaying all findings for this resource. 
  • See all risks for this resource – Links to the Security Risks page, exclusively displaying all risks for this resource. 
  • More Details – Click the arrow to expand details.

You can not create, delete, or otherwise modify resources from this interface.

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