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Troubleshooting Email Security Service

  • Course Number: ESS09020
  • Role: Technician
  • 3
  • Duration: 59 minutes


This training provides details of how to troubleshoot the operations of Barracuda Email Security Service, identifying the common causes of problems, and steps to check and mitigate these.

This comprises three videos, covering the following topics:

  • Troubleshooting Barracuda Email Security Service
    Barracuda Email Security Service functionality depends upon connectivity with different mechanisms and careful, domain-based configuration. In this training we look at troubleshooting some of these general aspects of Barracuda Essentials setup:
    • Checking policies applied at global or domain level
    • Issues with mass mailings
    • Checking LDAP connectivity
    • Troubleshooting LDAP synchronization
    • Domain validation
  • Troubleshooting Email Authentication
    As the main Email Authentication mechanism, Sender Policy Framework plays a critical role in verifying the identity of email senders. In this training we look at the exact functionality of SPF as it is integrated into Barracuda Email Security Service, and how to ensure its smooth operation working alongside other email authentication methods.
    • Recap of authentication mechanisms
    • Indicators of issues with email authentication
    • DMARC reporting for troubleshootingSPF issues
    • DKIM issues
    • Checking email authentication using tools
  • Troubleshooting Email Delivery
    The Message Log in Barracuda Email Security Service allows users and administrators to monitor the behavior of Barracuda Email Security Service agents, with a rich set of filtering options.In this training we look at how the Message Log enables transparency and traceability of email delivery, supporting UI re-delivery and full reporting functions.
    • Checking when an email is not received
    • Why and when email is deferred
    • Checking mail authentication failure
    • Checking outbound mail failures
    • Messages without content
    • Checking when an email is delivered, but not received
    • Confirming the spam "score" functionality
    • Investigating when attachments are queued

Barracuda Campus recommends the training videos as your primary learning resource. Please also refer to our other documents for a broader understanding of the product and its capabilities.

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