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Why do I see a message for another user in my quarantine box in my Barracuda Email Security Service?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago

Solution #00005980


This solution applies to emails sent through the Barracuda Email Security Service.


When looking in the quarantine folder while logged in as a particular user, one can see a message that is 'addressed' to another user. Upon closer examination, (zooming into the message and selecting to show details), reveals that the email in question was sent to multiple recipients.

You may have concerns that this email is not secure, and that ESS is not secure, and users can view other users emails at will. This is not the case. The Barracuda Email Security Service is constructed such that a message only appears in the log once. 

Despite a message being sent to multiple recipients, the message is only on the ESS once. The reason that the person can see this email is because they are on the list of recipients for that email. All of the users involved in that multiple recipient email can see the same email. The ESS picks up the first person in the list of recipients, and displays that as the 'To' Recipient. The first email address chosen is chosen by the sending email server. As the ESS has no control over the sending server neither the ESS or the receiving server can determine, or have a say in which email address is displayed.

There is nothing wrong with the ESS, or the inbox. These are functioning normally

If there is an email that is not a multiple recipients email that is displaying incorrectly that is a bug, and Barracuda networks should be notified.

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