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In BESS how can I tell the email address the mail was delivered to?

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 4 years ago
Solution #00007195  


Barracuda Email Security Service


In BESS when you check the details of a message something like this (actual domains removed for privacy)

   From: Michael Chalou <mchalou@xxxxxmountainservices.com>
   To: wtxgroup@xxxlt.com <wtxgroup@xxxlt.com>
   Subject: Test
   Date: 2015-04-06 11:52AM
   Message ID: 1428339171-606399-25420-174163-1
   IP: 198.61.254.xxx 
   Envelope From: bounce+7fe1e3.ce0dc-clockhart=xxxlt.com@xxxxxmountainservices.com
   Recipients Action Reason Delivery Status
   clockhart@xxxlt.com     Allowed              Delivered (west.smtp.exch028.serverdata.net:250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 05DDA2680D)

In the Headers of the message body you may see something like this

   From: Michael Chalou <mchalou@xxxxxmountainservices.com>
   To: "wtxgroup@xxxlt.com" <wtxgroup@xxxlt.com>
   Cc: "clockhart@xxxlt.com" <clockhart@xxxlt.com>
   Subject: Test

Mail has basically two (2) TO addresses. The ENVELOPE TO address which is used by mail servers to determine where mail is going and the HEADER TO which is used by people and mail clients to read and is NOT used in the delivery of mail.

The mail above had an ENVELOPE TO (rcpt to) of clockhart@xxxlt.com

It has HEADER TO/CC's of

    To: "wtxgroup@xxxlt.com" <wtxgroup@xxxlt.com>
    Cc: "clockhart@xxxlt.com" <clockhart@xxxlt.com>

We did not get an ENVELOPE TO (rcpt to) for wtxgroup@xxxlt.com when that mail was sent to us so it was not delivered to that address. ALL we got was a rcpt to for clockhart@xxxlt.com

IN BESS the HEADER info is shown in the message details ALONG with the ENVELOPE info. Header at the top ENVELOPE at the bottom (see example above).

If mail is sent to that address we would accept it as shown here

    # telnet d12345a.ess.barracudanetworks.com 25

    Connected to mail0.ess.barracuda.com (
    Escape character is '^]'.
    220 mail0.ess.barracuda.com ESMTP (mx18.ess.sfj)
    helo me.com
    250 mx18.ess.sfj.cudaops.com Hello ob1.tcnoc.com [], pleased to meet you
    mail from: me@me.com
    250 Sender <me@me.com> OK
    rcpt to: wtxgroup@xxxlt.com
    250 Recipient <wtxgroup@xxxlt.com> OK

Usually when the ENVELOPE TO (rcpt to) information does not match up with the HEADER TO/CC info it is because the sender was doing a reply and did not include or removed people in the reply. The header info remains the same in the reply but the mail is only delivered to the ENVELOPE TO set by the mail client.

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