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Does Microsoft Exchange 2013 remove some headers from inbound mail

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #  00007780

Scope: Email Security Service and Spam

Answer: YES

Here is the Microsoft tech article on this service


It is called the Header Firewall and removes headers that Microsoft feels are not required.

The problem we often run into is that when headers are removed by Exchange it can leave behind a blank line. There should NOT be a blank line in the headers of an email as that indicated the start of the Message Body. When this happens it results in the email becoming corrupted.

Barracuda recommends turning OFF header rewrite so that these important headers are not removed.

To remove header firewall on a receive connector name "MyDomainAD":

[PS] C:Windowssystem32>Get-ReceiveConnector -identity "MyDomainAD" | add-ADPermission -User "NT AuthorityAnonymous logon" -extendedrights ms-exch-accept-header-routing

To enable/re-enable header firewall on a receive connector name "MyDomainAD":

[PS] C:Windowssystem32>Get-ReceiveConnector -identity "MyDomainAD" | Remove-ADPermission -User "NT AuthorityAnonymous logon" -extendedrights ms-exch-accept-header-routing

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