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Why can't I add an OUTBOUND IP to the Barracuda Email Security Service (BESS)?

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution #00007001 


Barracuda Email Security Service


When you try to add an IP to the ?Sender IP Address Ranges? in BESS you may get an error that says
"The IP address you provided lacks reverse DNS."
When you see this it means that the IP address you are trying to enter does not have a PTR (Reverse DNS) entry.
This entry is added on the DNS server of the organization that owns the IP address and is Required to be able to relay mail to the internet.
Without a PTR record many domains and ISP?s will not accept mail from the sending IP address
The Barracuda Email Security Service will also not allow the relaying of mail from an IP address that does not have a PTR record.
If you see the error saying you are missing a PTR record please contact the owner of your IP address and request that they add a PTR record for your domain as without it your IP can not send mail to many domains on the internet and can not be added to the Barracuda Email Security Service.

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