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How does INTENT checking work on the Barracuda Email Security Service

  • Type: Knowledgebase
  • Date changed: 3 years ago
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Barracuda Email Security Services, All


Intent checking does the following
Reads the email and finds any URLs in the content.
It checks these domain names to see if they are on our intent list
It then visits the URL to see what links are on that page.
It checks these domain names to see if they are on our intent list
It then checks the webpages for any malware content
If any domain names found are on our intent list or if there is malware code on the webpages the mail is flagged for intent.
In your INBOUND mail you can white list senders, recipients and IP addresses to allow mail caught for intent.
In your OUTBOUND mail you cannot turn off intent checking or add a white list to bypass spam scanning. Once again if this was allowed it would be simple for a spammer to use our service to send out mass spam attacks and get our IP range blacklisted which would affect all our customers and kill our service.
So mail can come into our service and be delivered even if it hits intent due to a white list entry but the mail going out with that same content that hits intent will be blocked. There is no way to prevent this.
You have basically four options to get mail caught for outbound intent delivered.
1. When outbound mail is blocked you can contact Barracuda Support and request the mail be submitted as a false positive. We will submit it to our spam accuracy team and they will either remove the intent listing or tell us why they can't remove it.
2. You can manually deliver mail that hits outbound intent. We don't prevent the manual delivery of mail from the logs.
3. Do not use BESS to filter your outbound mail, send it directly to the internet from your mail server.
4. Move from the hosted BESS service to a Barracuda Hardware device which you can fully control. It would be running on your IP address and you can then control what does and does not get sent outbound.
Webpages are constantly being hacked by spammers who add malware code to infect visitors. Mail servers/users are constantly compromised by spammers and viruses. Both of these will get domains on our intent listing which is one of the tools we use to protect our customers incoming mail and the people our customers are sending mail to.