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Barracuda Intronis Backup

Creating a Notifications Template

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This page provides the following information:

Creating a New Template Name

Create a unique template name to distinguish the template from others.

To create a new template name, perform the following steps.

  1. Click the existing template name, as shown below.

     image2021-5-5 9:40:31.png
    The name field is displayed.

  2. In the name field, type a unique template name, and then click the check mark  icon.

    image2021-5-5 9:43:15.png

Emails Page

The first page of the notifications template is the Emails page, where you can specify what notifications are sent to which email addresses.

image2021-5-5 9:32:22.png

Creating a Notifications Email

To create an email notification, perform the following steps.

  1. Ensure the email address is already associated with the computer account.
  2. Click the Add Main Email button.

    The Main Email check box notification options are displayed.

    image2021-5-5 9:46:49.png
  3. Select the check box for each notification you want emailed.
  4. To add additional emails, click the Add Extra Email button.
    The extra email text box is displayed.

    image2021-5-5 9:51:4.png

  5. Make your selections, and then click Save.
    The new Notifications template is displayed as shown below.

    image2021-5-5 9:52:42.png

Settings Page

Click the Settings tab to display the Settings page.

 image2021-5-6 9:59:20.png

An explanation for each setting follows:

Notification Preferences

If you opted to receive Backup Complete, Backup Warning, or Backup Failed notifications, you can choose to add Include Failed Items, Include No Files Notice, or both to those notifications. If a backup job is warning or failed, Include Failed Items lists which files failed during the backup. The Include No Files Notice notifies you if the backup job backed up no new files.

No Recent Backups

This option notifies you if a backup has not run after a specified period of time. You can specify how long that period of time is, as well as how often the No Recent Backups notification is sent.

Backup Runtime

Similar to the No Recent Backups notification, this notification notifies you if a backup job has run longer than a certain period of time.

Recurring-Interval Scheduled Backups

Recurring-interval scheduled backups are ones which may run many times everyday. 

Recurring-interval scheduled backups have the potential to trigger many notifications in a short amount of time. To deal with this scenario, you can choose to disable Backup Complete, or Backup Warning notifications entirely for these sorts of backup sets. Additionally, you may choose to only receive a Backup Failed notification for recurring-interval scheduled backups if they fail a specific number of times, consecutively.

Applying Templates

Now that you have created your template, you can apply it to one or multiple computer accounts.

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