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Barracuda Intronis Backup

Deleting Physical Imaging Rapid Recovery Backup Data

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CAUTION! Deleted data is completely purged and can no longer be accessed or restored.

To delete a Physical Imaging Rapid Recovery backup, perform the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Computer page. See Navigating to the Computer Page for instructions.
    The Computer page is displayed.
    image2019-8-30 9:21:32.png
  2. Select the Delete tab.
    The Delete Selections page is displayed.
    image2019-8-30 9:22:16.png
  3. Select Physical Imaging Rapid Recovery.
    The Delete Volume page is displayed.
    image2019-8-30 9:23:1.png
  4. Select the row of the volume you want to delete.

    The selections for deletion are displayed in the right panel.
    image2019-8-30 9:41:10.png

    Note: Delete removes all revisions. You cannot delete specific revisions.

  5. When satisfied with your selections, click the Delete button.

    The Delete Confirmation pop-up is displayed.
    image2019-8-30 9:41:50.png

  6. Click the Yes button.

    The Delete Selections page is displayed with the latest status.

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