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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

After box reboot ISDN is not opened though DSL is unavailable

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution #00005124 
This solution replies to:
- NG Firewall firmware versions 4.2.x,5.0.x, 5.2.x
- netfence firmware versions 4.2.x


You are operating a box connected to the internet with DSL You reboot the box while the DSL connection is unavailable. Though the server is configured to initiate an ISDN connection automatically when DSL is not present through the start and stop scripts in the monitoring settings, it does not do so.


You have integrated two predefined scripts into the monitoring mechanism on the monitoring (dummy) server, which reside in /etc/phion/dynconf/network/:


Stop script (is executed when the server stops):


Checks for an existing DSL connection. If it finds one, no further action is taken. If it does not find one, ISDN is started.


Start script (is executed when the server starts):


Checks for an existing ISDN connection, and if it finds one, terminates it. If it does not find one, no further action is taken.

The following behaviour is normally expected when an unexpected DSL connection problem occurs:


1. The monitoring server checks if the configured monitoring IP address(es) is (are) available.


2. Depending on the monitoring policy configured, it triggers execution of the stop script, when it cannot reach one or more monitoring IPs, thus starting ISDN.


3. As soon as DSL becomes available again, it executes the start script, thus terminating the ISDN connection, and starting DSL.


This means: When the box reboots, it by default expects that DSL is available. The stop script, responsible for starting the ISDN connection, does not come into action. Consequently, neither DSL nor ISDN will be started when a box is rebooted while DSL is unavailable.



Introduce a further "Start Script" in the "Scripts" configuration of the "mainserver" in the NG Admin.

Take following steps to configure monitoring for the desired purpose:


1. Using phion.a browse to "Control" > "Box" > "Virtual Servers".


2. Create a dummy server for monitoring purposes (using either a Loopback IP or an IP address residing in the same network as the box is in).


3. Browse to "Control" > "Box" > "Virtual Servers" > "dummyserver" > "Server Properties" > "Monitoring" and configure monitoring policy and IP(s). After that go tot he "Scripts" and insert execution.

    The "Start Script"

    /etc/phion/dynconf/network/openisdn &   


    The "Stop Script"
    /etc/phion/dynconf/network/wipeisdn &


4. Browse to "Control" > "Box" > "Virtual Servers" > "mainserver" > "Server Properties" > "Scripts" .


5. Insert the following into the Start Script field:dsl=$(grep 2 /opt/phion/run/network_adsl_state)

    if [ "$dsl" != "" ]; then
              killall vpnc


The Start script on the main server checks for availability of a DSL connection. If it is not (status 2 equals no in     file /opt/phion/run/network_adsl_state), it opens an ISDN connection and restarts the box tunnels.



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