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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

How to delete the event database (event.db) on CC-administered boxes

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Solution #00005151 
This solution replies to:
- NG Firewall firmware versions 4.2.x, 5.0.x, 5.2.x
- netfence firmware versions 4.2.x

Event messages generated on boxes can be deleted in the Events display of the graphical administration tool NG Admin when they are not needed anymore. This procedure is very laborious, though, when administering many boxes.

On CC-administered boxes, this task can be executed easily by letting a shell script delete the complete event database (event.db) on multiple boxes.


This is possibly needed if errors occurs in the event database (corruption). There are severeal indications for corruption.

  - The message "Error establish SSL connection" occurs at opening the "Event" GUI.
  - The message "Cannot insert new Event. Too much Events in Database" in the Log > Box > Event > events.log appears.
  - Deleted or acknowledged events get inserted again after disconnect/connect the GUI.
  - The displayed events shows unknown symbols or characters in the GUI.

The events may save about 4000 entries as default. A higher entrie level may be configured in the event settings. 



Proceed as follows to create a customised script for event.db deletion:

1. On the NG Control Centre browse to "Control" > "Remote Execution" tab.

2. Click the "New..." button in the Scripts window in the lower right corner and insert the following script into the Shell Script window:


  phionctrl box block event
  sleep 2
  rm -f /phion0/event/event*
  rm -f /opt/phion/preserve/eventd-buffer*
  phionctrl box start event


3. Mark the boxes or objects, the script should be executed on in the Objects/Boxes window, and mark the script in the Scripts window simultaneously. Click the "Create Task..." button to create a new task.

4. Execute the task.
























To delete the CC Event database you have to do the same on command-line on the CC box with a different syntax.


  phionctrl module block mevent
  phionctrl box block event
  rm -f /phion0/event/event*
  rm -f /opt/phion/preserve/eventd-buffer*
  phionctrl box start event
  phionctrl module start mevent



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