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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

How To enable debug logging for NG Access Client

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  • Date changed: one year ago
Solution 00005233

This solution applies to:
- NG Network Access Client versions 2.0-SPx
- Entegra Client versions 1.0-SPx, 2.0-SPx


This is a "how to" for creating debug logfiles for the NG Network Access Client. Debugging is possible for the personal firewall, the VPN client and the NG Access Monitor.


The debug logs are activated by setting a registry key.

Should the respective key not yet exist, then create a new "DWORD" value and set it to "1" to enable it.

VPN client and Personal Firewall:


    "0" disables the logging, "1" enables it.

Advanced debugging for the Personal Firewall only:

    "0" disables the logging, "1" enables it.

NG Access Monitor (aka Health Agent):


    "0" disables the logging, "1" enables it. Note that the folder is different (phionha instead of phionvpn)

Please make these changes as administrator.

The debug logfiles are located in <installationdirectory>\log\ (typically C:\Program Files\BarracudaNG\log\).

Recent versions of the client create the files immediately after setting the keys, older versions may need a reboot. The files have the following names.

VPN client & Personal Firewall  = phions.log

Personal Firewall (advanced)    = firewall.log

NG Access Monitor               = phionha.log


If you have installed the full client, and are using version 2.x or higher, it is possible to activate the debug logging (but not the advanced firewall logging) via the "NG Access Monitor".

Open "Tasks" > "Advanced Settings" and set to "Yes" to enable the logs.

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