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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

NG Access Client 2.0 with 802.1x - general hints

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  • Date changed: 2 years ago
Solution 00005286 

This solution replies to:
- NG Network Access Client versions 2.0-SPx
- Entegra Client versions 1.0-SPx, 2.0-SPx


When using netfence entegra 2.0 with the 802.1x feature the following hints can possibly solve or avoid arising problems/issues.

Additional information:
Check out the following solution: 

00005285 ( - "NG Access Client 2.0 with 802.1x - Cisco 2960 switch configuration example" if you are using a cisco switch.


Check out the following general hints if you encounter problems:

    - Take sure that EAP protocol and 802.1x is supported by your switch, if necessary update the firmware on the switch.

    - On the NG Firewall system check the firewall access cache. There should be a listening socket on UDP 1812 and UDP 1813 because of the radius component of the NG Access Service, named "servername_servicename_radius". Of course this service is only available if the 802.1x component on the NG Access Service has been activated.

    - Also check that these 2 ports are not blocked by the firewall. This traffic should be local in (LIN) traffic.

    - Check the radius log on the NG Firewall system and the switch.

    - Check the NG Access Client advanced configuration in the NG Access Monitor. 802.1x must be activated here.

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