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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

'Control' > 'Processes' displays only 768MB RAM

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Solution #00005299 
This solution replies to:
- netfence firmware versions 4.2.x

The "Control" > "Processes" displays only 768MB avaliable RAM but more the 768MB are assembled.




The box was installed with i386 architecture, which can use only 768MB RAM. There are two possibilities how the box can be installed with i386 architecture.

    1) It is possible the architecture type "Auto" and "i386" in the phion.i for the installation file:
            "Auto" (default) does install the software with i686 architecture if the hardware is based 
                       on i686. If the hardware is i386, the software will be installed with i386 archtitecture.
            "i386" force the software installation on with i386 architecure.

    2) Unattentend software installation with "phion appl":
            More information about this installation type are descriped in the knowledgebase article no. 313029


You have to change the installation type from i386 to i686. phion advices to re-install the system. If a re-installation is not possible, generate a PAR file of the box configuration and proceed with the following steps.

1a. Get needed files via CD-ROM:
Insert the netfence gateway installation CD that is matching the installed netfence version (including the patch version; e.g. if netfence 4.2.3 is installed you will have to use the netfence 4.2.3 CD-ROM) in the box's CD-ROM drive and mount it:




1b. Get needed files via USB stick:
Copy the ISO image matching the netfence version installed on the box to a USB stick (including the patch version; e.g. if netfence 4.2.3 is installed you will have to use the netfence 4.2.3 ISO image), plug it in and mount it. Now mount the ISO image on the USB-stick (please change the name of the ISO file and the mountpoint of the USB device accordingly):

  mount -o loop /mnt/sda1/Netfence_ISO_Image_4.0.3_1500014.iso /mnt/cdrom


2. Copy packages:
Copy the i686 packages into a folder on the netfence system by using following command lines:

  cd ~
  mkdir i686
  cp /mnt/cdrom/phion/RPMS/*.i686.rpm ./i686/
  rm -f ./i686/glibc-debug*.i686.rpm


3. Install packages:
Install the i686 packages by using the following command line:

  rpm -Uvh --force ./i686/*.rpmIgnore messages with unresolved symbols.
4. Write bootloader:
Since a new kernel was installed, the bootrecord has to be re-written. Do so by entering following command line:


5a. Unmount the CD-ROM:
Umount the CD-ROM drive with the following command and eject the CD-ROM:
  umount /mnt/cdrom 


5b. Unmount the ISO image:
Unmount the ISO image and the USB stick with the following comand and plug off the USB stick:
  umount /mnt/cdrom
  umount /mnt/sda1

7. Reboot the system:
After successful completion of all steps mentioned above, the netfence system is ready to reboot. Do so by entering following command line:




All hotfixes which were installed on the box before must be installed after rebooting the box.



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