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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

What does the Warning 'no route to NTP servers' mean after a Logical Check on CC-administered boxes?

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  • Date changed: 3 years ago
Solution #00005313 

This solution replies to:
- NG Firewall firmware versions 4.2.x, 5.0.x, 5.2.x
- netfence firmware versions 4.2.x

In some cases you will get the following warning after the logical check:

Warning:  [0141176]  º boxnet(k,ARGS): no route from to all NTP servers »x.x.x.x  x.x.x.x«

This is "only" a warning and so no operative problem for the network activation!

Barracuda has the concept for CC-administered boxes that the time-synchronisation always runs over the remote management-tunnel (box tunnel) and for that the box use always a private/local IP to contact the NTP server(s). Barracuda recommends this concept, cause in this way it ensures that the CC/box has the correct and identical time.

Change the configuration to the following:
 1) Define the external NTP server(s) on the CC box and start the ntpd.
 2) On the remote boxes you define the CC-Box-IP as NTP server (ntpd binds always on the Box-IP and not on Server-IP) and start the ntpd.

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