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Barracuda NextGen Firewall X

How do you install license keys on a new Barracuda NG Firewall?

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This solution applies to Barracuda NG Firewall pre-5.2 releases i.e. 4.2.x  and 5.0.x.

1.  Save the attachment in the email from Customer Services to a convenient location. This contains the licenses keys. If you have purchased options requiring multiple license keys, they will be encapsulated in a ZIP file. Note that the name of each license file contains a reference to the appliance model, the license type, the serial number, and a MAC address. For the MAC address we use dots instead of colons as delimiters.

2.  Start the Barracuda NG Admin application from your Windows PC. The Barracuda NG Admin application is included on the USB drive included with your Barracuda NG Firewall and has a file name of the form BarracudaNG_Admin_xxx.exe, depending on the version. If you are not sure if your current version is up to date, the latest version may be downloaded from the Barracuda Networks customer portal.

3.  Log in to the "Box" with your username and password. The default username and password are provided in the Barracuda NG Firewall Quick Start Guide that is included as a hardcopy with every Barracuda NG Firewall appliance.

4.  Choose the "Config" tab and then select "Licenses". Click the green plus sign (Add) in the ?License Configuration? section.

5.  Select "Import from zipped archive File...". Select the license file(s) (.zip) you saved earlier. If you have received license files for multiple appliances make sure to install only the correct ones. Confirm the license information screen and accept the End user license screen displayed.

6.  Click "Send Changes" and "Activate".

7.  Choose the "Control" tab and then choose the "Box" screen.  Open the ?Operating System? section on the left side and click "Reboot Box". Rebooting the Barracuda NG Firewall appliance will disconnect the Barracuda NG Admin application.


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